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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. black smoke means no pope. cardinals mark day one of the selection of the new leader of the catholic church. good evening, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> we begin with the coverage of the select process of selecting a new pope. right now, it is 1:00 in the morning. earlier today, st. peter's square was jammed with people waiting for a puff of white smoke from the roof of the sistine chapel. the cardinals have only voted once so far and issued black smoke, which indicates they have not yet picked a pope. with the beginning of the conclave, the cardinals are sequestered for the process and team coverage begins with leeland in rome. >> no one really expected
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white smoke this evening as vatican watchers say there are a number of front runners in the cardinals still have a lot of work to figure out before they can get to a 2/3 majority and select a new pope. >> thousands pack st. peter's square to watch for the first puffs of smoke outside of the chimney. lighting is one of the few modern twists allowed in the centuries old tradition. black smoke appeared at 8:00 p.m. local time, signifying an inconclusive vote among the cardinals locked inside the sistine chapel. they celebrated mass and took a vow of secrecy with what would take place during the process and lock the chapel doors where inside, cell phone jammers prevented eves dropping. >> it's like a board of directors getting together. you don't put cameras in when the board of directors are making tough decisions. >> among the front runners, the out spoken timothy dolan of
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new york, and angelo scola going into round one. but that can change. even if it takes a few days for white smoke to appear. in rome, leeland vitter, ktvu channel 2 news. many bay area catholics attended a special mass today to pray for the cardinals. ktvu's ken pritchett is live in the city where there was a lot of anticipation about what is happening in rome. >> reporter: that's true. no one we talked to expected to see white smoke today. hopes differ on what kind of pope people would like to see. it was a special mass this morning at st. mary's cathedral to pray for the cardinals in rome as the church wades through an unusual and historic time. >> i was kind of amazed at pope benedict, at his presence in the united states a few years ago inspired me to enter
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the priesthood. >> seminary hopes the cardinals will pick a pope that keeps with tradition. parisher would like to see them move on issues. >> diplomatic, and i would hope someone who is brave enough to make some changes. >> during the afternoon mass, the signal was sent above the sistine chapel, black smoke signifying no one gathered enough. >> anna says she has been watching the coverage live when she is not in church. she does not have a pick for pope. confident it will all work out. >> i'm sure any one of them is up to the task. we'll see what the holy spirit does. >> the selection process allows people to express their hopes and also to express their opinions. this is a group called pink smoke protesting here outside the st. mary's cathedral.
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they would like to see more women in the clergy. san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the cardinals will follow a strict daily ritual behind closed doors with two rounds of voting in the morning and two rounds of voting in the afternoon. a decision requiring a 2/3 majority plus one or 77 votes. once that happens, the public will be informed by white smoke from a chapel chimney and the ringing of the bells. if no pope is chosen for saturday, they will break for a day of prayer and reflection. the very latest on the selection of a new pope, including a slide show of the leading candidates. you can find it all under the conclave tab. catholic church is coming under scrutiny on how to spend money in the u.s. at 5:25, the loophole in legislation allowing the church to avoid full disclosure and why some groups say that's the problem. a preschoolteacher has been accused of tieing up one of her students because the two-year- old refused to take a nap.
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john is live outside that preschool in pleasantton with the key piece of evidence the police say they have. john. >> reporter: frank, there is the center point preschool with its playground out front. tonight at 6:00 30rbgs 6:30, all the parents are meeting to discuss this shocking incident. it happened sometime in the past several months. it was here at pleasantton center point preschool that the former teacher tied up a two- year-old who refused to take a nap. >> it is deplorable to us that any person, including the children under our care, would in any way do something so terrible as this incident. >> investigator say the incident was captured in a photo by that former teacher of liver more. she was at a party with some of her former coworkers and allegedly told them about it, then showed the photo investigators say she took of the girl bound at the hands and feet with masking tape. >> this is a dehumanizing
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incident we are greatly grieved over. we are seeking the minister to the family, to the families of our preschools who are tremendously upset, as any parent would be. >> we went to her home and knocked several different times, no one answered. >> the code is outlined child abuse. >> pleasantton police are investigating this case. >> it looks like this is an isolated incident, but if we receive information through our investigation that more is going ton, we'll absolutely look into that. >> this letter from the state saying she is barred from working with children again. the director informed me that he was unaware of this incident until weeks after he left this preschool. we did try to talk some parents here at the school. they all turned us down. i'm john, ktvu channel 2 news. >> parents in one bay area community say they are outraged after a daycare worker -- 59- year-old debra grass was fired
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friday from kiddy academy child care after a witness saw her put a substance into the cups of several children. facility administrators confronted grass and say she admitted she placed over the counter sleeping aides into the cups. >> motive, we don't know. she did not make any mention as to why, but that is definitely under investigation. >> she has been a teacher for the past five years. she was arrested at her home yesterday. police in san francisco are investigating a death. officers received a call about a man down on ellis street before powell at 5:00 this morning. when officers arrived, he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> two of the three men in the triple homicide in forestville pleaded not guilty to charges, including murder. 46-year-old mark and 38-year- old dwire are accused of killing three men in a rural
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home on what investigators call a drug deal gone bad. the next court date is april 22. 65-year-old francis is in custody in new mexico and fighting extradition. >> nevada firefighters said they stumbled upon a marijuana growing operation. the fire broke out about 11:30 last night. firefighters had the fire under control in 30 minutes and say they discovered the marijuana growing operation in the basement where it is believed the fire started. they say the house was illegally wired and the fire may have been electrical in nature. neighbors told firefighters the owner hadn't been living there for a few years. the search for a woman shifted to west oakland today after reports that she had been spotted in that area. ktvu sal tells us her family is baffled, especially because of how she acted on the phone. the night before she disappeared. >> the search for 31-year-old erica continues. family members say it has been
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an emotional time. >> our family is struggling right now emotionally and physically. we are all very tired and this ordeal has taken a tremendous toll on all of us. >> she has been missing since thursday. family members say they became worried after she failed to make a flight to see her brother. the last image was taken thursday morning at this bakery at the corner of 34th and telegraph in oakland. it shows her stressed out in workout gear. she was looking forward to visiting him in dallas, he says she seemed to be in a cheerful mood when they spoke on the phone the night before. >> i told her what to pack, you know. she talked about that. family a continuing to canvas neighborhoods today, putting up fliers that offer a $1 ,000 reward. >> we know she's alive. we know that she could not have just disappeared on her own. that was not like her.
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we know that someone saw something. >> now at first, the family had been critical of oakland police saying they did not respond quickly enough, but now they thanked oakland police and say they are doing a good job. they want anyone who has seen erica to call the oakland police. sal castaneda, channel 2 news. >> menlo park are stepping up patrols. this happened yesterday. investigators say a latino man between 30 and 40 years old wearing a green and yellow a's cap and blue jeans walked up to the girls. police say the suspect matches the description of a male from an indecent exposure case in the same area last month. a concrete plan to address the homeless after sweeping. robert honda is at city hall
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with where more on what they are considering. >> i just stepped out of the san jose city council meeting where the council inside approved a plan to address homelessness. which members say they hope leads to a solution and not just a quick fix to the problems. the fields near san jose airport that once held a large homeless camp are clear of tents today, security guards parole to keep homeless from coming back. >> they are just moving people from one spot to another. they are giving no help. >> the city council considered a wide range of proposals to find a solution to the homeless situation. the council plan emphasizes a regional multiagency approach to finding permanent, affordable housing, such as converting buildings for rental and sale. a long line of community group said the city needs their expertise. >> there are really good infrastructures and relationships and a system that we have developed that we know works and the time is now to
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bring it to scale. >> can we use old hotels in a new way? can we use the current stock we have more effectively? >> it could cost $27 million for housing considered in the pipeline and up to $200,000 for each new unit. the costs associated with homelessness already including sweeps as well as court, jails, and medical facilities. >> so where are you spending money? get that money and use it. >> some homeless say that is still not enough. >> what is their job, just to get us into the housing and not do any follow up? a lot of them have problems. they will need followup. >> and that follow up is one of many issues the council will be trying to resolve. at least now there is a game plan. live in san jose, robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. >> caltrans plans to start installing a special fence to keep the homeless from setting up camp again on king street near the 280 on ramp in san
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francisco. it's been a trouble spot for the city. camps have been cleared out on several occasions, but the homeless keep coming back. the new fence comes with a price tag of $300,000. the homeless are being offered housing at a nearby church. alex smith's journey with the 49ers has come to an end. his trade became official today. the 49ers traded their former starting quarterback for a pair of draft picks. person familiar told the associated press, the 49ers will receive the chief second round pick, 34th overall in this year's draft at a conditional pick in next year's draft. a campus crime alert about a woman attacked in a locker room shower who police are looking for tonight. >> it was warmer today. it's going to be warmer tomorrow. we'll see numbers into the 80s. how warm will it be in your neighborhood and what happens with the cooldown coming up? i'll have the details.
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the san mateo district attorney's office says the man accused of killing three people had a blood alcohol double the legal limit. 28-year-old dennis is facing three counts of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, plus three other charges. he rear ended a vehicle, and accelerated around the car reaching speeds of 60 miles per hour. he broadsided another car. the collision killed a woman and her two sons. a female passenger is in critical condition. >> at the county sheriff's office, says 44-year-old gabriel was struck and killed by a garbage truck at his work. the driver of the garbage truck hit him at 4:00 this morning. investigators say the driver of the truck is cooperating and was driving slowly when he somehow fell under the trailer tires. police at city college of san francisco are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a woman in a locker room shower on campus over the weekend.
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ktvu's eric rasmusson is live with a warning going out to students. >> reporter: police have been posting this flier an campus and e-mailing to students. someone managed to hide inside the women's locker room and attacked a woman from behind. the timing and location of a sexual assault inside the wellness center has some students on edge. >> especially in such a, you know, private area that you would never think or assume that would happen in. >> just after noon on saturday, a female student was showering in a locked stall when she felt someone grab her from behind. investigators say the suspect tried to cover the victim's mouth to keep her from screaming, but she was able to fight off her attacker by crawling under the divider the same way he got in. >> that's terrible. >> today, several students received an e-mail alert about the crime. >> getting that e-mail
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yesterday, it made me freak out, buzz i go to the showers and i don't want anything like that to happen to me or anyone else. >> it makes me scared, yeah, because i'm here at night, early in the morning when the campus isn't super packed. it makes me scared. i have to be on guard. >> some students are asking for more help from police. >> i feel like the campus security should be kind of up, and not let stragglers or strangers walk into any locker room. >> police describe the suspect as a black man with light brown skin between 25 and 30 years old, 5/11 to 6 feet tall, 185- pounds. basketball shorts and black shoes, and they say he was wearing a white towel on his head. live in san francisco, ktvu
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channel 2 news. civil complaints other measure b and pension reform efforts. the california public employment relations board and the state agency that oversees employee rights. changes city employee pension plans. now, union attorneys say the measure was unlawfully placed on the ballot. they say the city presented inflated numbers for pension plan costs misleading voters. >> the city has wasted the opportunity to actually save millions of dollars had we sat down and agreed to pension reform. >> mayor reid said he used accurate figures and negotiated in good faith with all of the union. this complaint means that city and union leaders will be asked to reach a settlement or go before an administrative judge. staged a concert in city hall today trying to get the ear of contract negotiators, otherwise they may go on strike.
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the negotiating committee for the musicians is calling the first contract offer insulting. they say it includes a wage freeze, cuts in healthcare benefits, and changes to their pension plan. the chairman of the committee says musician salaries are less here compared to other symphonies. >> we are concerned about losing ground to our better paid peers who happen to work in cities with much lower cost of living. >> they are currently in the top three american orchestras in terms of pay. >> according to the san francisco business times, the average symphony musician makes $165,000 and a 10 week vacation. they are prepared to go on strike if negotiations break down. around the bay area, sunny and a touch warmer today than yesterday. just as our chief meteorologist called it yesterday here at 5:00. >> if you look at the screen, you can see i went searching for winter, it's on the east coast. it's all on the right coast, not around here. let's take a look at storm
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tracker. the rain, the snow, the flight delays, when you work your way here, it's nothing but good times. we have beautiful weather. the ridge of high pressure and the clouds all follow the jet stream, which is doing this. it would be a different story if this plume of moisture was this way. but the high pressure is significantly strong enough that we're not. everything is heading north. what we are seeing is a little bit of fog. some dense fog along the coast. that's ocean beach in san francisco. here you are around half-moon bay. a little notch out of the fog. there's a slight offshore flow. that's why the flow is getting pushed away. that will increase tomorrow, and that will warm daytime highs even further. daytime highs are going to be warmer than they were today. check out the current temperatures. 76 right here in antioch. this does not look like winter, but here we are. 72 in napa. 73 in santa rosa. 66 in oakland. cooler along the coast.
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the fog is spilling in over the gaps. so you are getting cool air. here's the story. as we go into the next 24 hours, more of the same. but more of it. temperatures are increasing. a little fog right here by the gap, trying to get over the hill. i was talking about how the fog is getting squished down. that's how you know it's going to be warmer, because the fog can't cool things off. the high pressure is there, that's how the fog gets like that and that's how i know the high pressure is strengthening and it will be warmer tomorrow. daytime highs in the upper 70s and low 80s. warmest day of the week will be tomorrow. the extended forecast keeps going. temperatures in the 70s. we'll see patchy coastal fog and temperatures stay in the 70s as we go through parts of the five-day forecast. that's the big broad brush, but i'll get more specific with the forecast high for your neighborhood, the overnight lows, all that stuff. i'll see you back here at 5:45. >> federal regulators approved a plan to redesign the 787's dream liner batteries.
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the faa said today the plan includes a redesign of the battery component to minimize the possibility of short circuiting. extensive testing will be needed before the planes can fly passengers again. the fleet worldwide has been grounded since january 16 because of battery related problems. dennis rodman shares new plans with the leader of north korea. plus -- >> revolutionary guard in his bowl of proxies are growing bolder and more capable. >> senator dianne feinstein growing concerned about national security. what she is trying to do about it. >> spend a lot of money, a lot of time, and a lot of staff and consultants. >> plus, new controversy surrounding the catholic church. why some are questioning how it spends its money.
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yes still waiting to learn the names of five service members killed in a helicopter crash in afghanistan. the military will release all the names after the family members are notified. the helicopter went down in a rainstorm yesterday. senator dianne feinstein is worried about what the current sequester will do to the security. put iran on the top of the list of things the u.s. needs to worry about. >> both the syrian and north koreaen example demonstrate the need to prevent iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.
5:27 pm
yet, its work continue. and revolutionary guard are growing bolder and more capable of their terrorist attack plotting and play a very critical role in pr vieding warnings. >> she will get the intelligence community the money it needs to get information for u.s. policymakers. the across the board cuts remove $4 billion by the budget. dennis rodman appears to be enjoying his role as international diplomat. the former basketball star says he plans to return to north korea to vacation with kim jeong u.n. rod man called him a long-time friend afterward. he plans to head to rome tomorrow to campaign for cardinal peter turkson to become pope. while there is a lot of attention focused on the super secret gathering of bishops underway in the vatican. there's another confidential
5:28 pm
aspect of the catholic church. how much it spends to lobby the u.s. congress. >> what they do on capitol hill is they spend a lot of time and staff and try to convince the politic. >> a 1995 federal law regulating lobbying carved out an exception for religious organizations. allowing them it avoid total disclosure. without disclosures, it's difficult to know who is lobbying local congressional leaders and what they want. >> it's a different set of rules, but it doesn't take away from the fact that the u.s. catholic church, the u.s. conference of bishops specifically is one of the bigger lobbying forces on capitol hill and they are involved in a variety of issues. >> tax exempt religious groups are prohibited from campaigning. the research group estimates the u.s. conference of bishops spent $26 million lobbying in
5:29 pm
one year. a figure the bishops would neither confirm nor deny. >> he spent 14 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit. today we speak with an east bay man recently exonerated. why he is staying positive. >> surprising new findings on mars and why scientists may want to rethink calling it the red planet. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. all we have to do is stay focused. >> a man who spent 14 years in prison for a crime he did not commit is speaking out. that man says that anything is
5:32 pm
possible. he is the 304th person in the u.s. to be exonerated by dna evidence. live in oakland with why johnny williams doesn't blame anyone for his imprisonment. ali. >> reporter: johnny williams wrote in 2006. he told them he was in prison for a crime he did not commit and in this handwritten no, he signed, please help. a few days ago, that help finally came through. johnny williams gets bashful when he talks about the moment he learned he was free. >> i shed a tear. don't tell anybody that. i'm not supposed to shed a tear. >> william served 14 years for a crime he didn't commit. his nightmare began in 1998. he was arrested and later convicted. she identified williams as her attacker, but he harbors no resentment. >> you can't get mad at a person while making a mistake.
5:33 pm
>> while in prison, he kept himself busy. >> i don't care what type of book it was, any book was inspirational because it was educational. >> he stayed out of trouble. >> don't do nothing stupid, stay away from idiots and the truth should come out. stay focused. >> the truth did come out last year, thanks to northern california innocence project, a more thorough dna test was done. williams was not a match. the man who committed the crime is still out there. williams was released from prison in january, but his name was officially cleared on friday. he no longer has to wear an ankle bracelet or register as a sex offender. he is focused on the future and everything he sees presents a new opportunity. >> the ups truck drove past. i wouldn't mind working for ups. >> he plans to follow the advice that kept him sane and hopeful all these years. >> read books, educate yourself, and do right. >> reporter: now under state
5:34 pm
law, williams may be entitled for $100 every day he was wrongly incarcerated. it adds up to half a million dollars. a new york city police officer accused of plotting to kidnap, cook, and eat women has been convicted of conspiracy. 28-year-old gilberto was found guilty on all charges that he conspired to kill and eat women, including his women. he plotted with others he met on fetish websites to abduct and torture women he knew. his attorneys claim he was just fantasizing. the former police officer faces life in prison. house republicans unveiled a budget proposal to space largely on balancing the budget. it's a plan that is deemed dead on arrival. congressman paul ryan's plan includes eliminating president obama's healthcare law. using a fee for service and private health insurance. it is unlikely the budget
5:35 pm
proposal will receive the democratic support needed to move forward. >> we think we owe the country a balanced budget. we think we owe the country solutions to the big problems that plaguing our nation. a debt crisis on the horizon. a slow growing economy. people trapped in poverty, we are showing our answers. >> ryan says the gop plan balances the budget without raising taxes. >> what do you hope to accomplish in these meetings? >> president obama met with senate democrats today. when the closed door meeting, but president obama discussed his second term goals. the president urged democrats to keep an open mind as they worked to cut spending. he'll head back to the hill tomorrow. democrats are scheduled to announce their budget proposal tomorrow for the first time in four years. >> nasa's mars rover curiosity has unearthed interesting new findings after drilling into the surface of the red planet. ktvu tells us the reason those findings may prop scientists to
5:36 pm
stop calling mars the red planet. >> nasa scientists now know that mars shouldn't be called a red planet anymore. the mars rover called curiosity drilled a hole into the planet and discovered what the red rusted exterior was hiding underneath. >> drilling down and hitting a completely different planet, really, a gray planet instead of a red planet was surprising. >> nasa's rover scooped up powdered rock on mars crater. scientists identified sulfur, nitrogen, phosphorous, and carbon. the key ingredients for life. while evidence hasn't been found, scientists say what's important they found an environment that would have been habitable and suitable for life to exist. >> elements for life seem to be there. most of them, but most importantly, the water was there. water, probably in the form of a mud. >> nasa played a key role in the rover project.
5:37 pm
parachutes were tested in wind tunnels at mofet field. this is an exciting find and it proves their hard work has paid off. >> the instrument is just working beautifully. it's a credit to the very talented team that worked hard on not only making this stuff, but making it robust and making it work in this very difficult environment. >> scientists plan on exploring more on the planet in the coming weeks. there is talk about sending humans there, but it's a challenge. it takes three days to get to the moon, but it would take six months to get to mars. reporting from mountain view, ktvu channel 2 news. a new analysis shows apple's majority rule could disappear. the report claims that apple share of the mobile market will drop from 51% last year to 46% this year. and that android devices will grow from 42% to 49% of the
5:38 pm
market. an analyst says that's mostly due to the popularity of smaller tablets using google's operating system. >> a $7 million system with 38 states in a data collection lawsuit. the state sued google after a camera vehicle had been collecting personal information from unsecured networks. google said it never wanted information. the company also says it removed data collection equipment from vehicles. dow industrials went up by 2 points. apple and google helped push the nasdaq. the colorado state legislature approved civil unions for gay couples today and the governor is expected to sign the bill. republicans and democrats argued at length on monday over senate bill 11. but democrats control the senate and republicans couldn't stop the bill's passage. it will become law, assuming the governor signs it, on may 1. opponents threaten to file suit because the bill does not include any exceptions for
5:39 pm
religious organizations. san francisco mayor, ed lee, tweeted out this picture as he continues to lead the city's effort to make gay marriage legal. accompanying the picture was this message. signed legislation with mark farrel. continued fight against doma. mark farrell is a supervisor in san francisco and doma stands for the defense of marriage act. still to come, a cyber attack on chase bank and its possible link to terrorists. plus, the colorado theater shooting. why a judge put a plea in for him today. >> and it seems not everyone is impressed with the winner of this year's oscar. the country now planning to file suit over the movie, "argo." [ male announcer ] subway introduces the new $3 six-inch select!
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the newest way to enjoy subway every day!
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the man accused of last year's massacre in colorado entered a plea today. in the courtroom today, attorneys for james holmes argued they weren't going to enter a plea because they had more work and mental evaluations to do. so the judge entered a not guilty plea on holmes behalf. that plea can be changed in the future. holmes is charged with several counts of murder and attempted murder following last year's attack at an aurora movie theater, which killed 12 people and injured 70 others. >> legislation for gun sales
5:43 pm
moved a step forward today. the senate judiciary committee approved the legislation, which sends it to the full senate. the bill may run into more opposition among senators aligned with the national gun association. the judiciary committee will revisit another bill by senator dianne feinstein. the senate judiciary committee, that money is intended to help make physical improvements, such as installing locks and reenforcing those doors. help schools prevent another mass shooting, such as the recent attack in newtown, connecticut. the bill heads to the full senate for a vote. >> someone or something appears to be hacked into the website. fox news reports a group of hackers called the cyber fighters has promised to target nine banks, including chase, bank of america, and city group. b of a and citi group didn't seem affected when we tried their sites today, but on the
5:44 pm
chase website, a message that the website was temporarily down. they are linked to islamic terrorists and have been behind other attacks. iran plans to hire a lawsuit over "argo." >> a film infuriated many iranians say it distorts reality and portrays iranians in a negative way. the decision came after officials attended a private hoax of hollywood screening of the movie in tehran yesterday. they hired a controversial french lawyer, but it's not clear exactly where she'll file the lawsuit. the very latest in eye surgery and why this patient decided to have it, not vanity, public safety. >> and tracking a warmup around here. there's a little bit of fog, but temperatures increasing for your wednesday. how warm in your backyard. back in ten minutes to tell
5:45 pm
you. medications?
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take a step forward and chase what matters. san francisco police are searching for answers in an assault case that left a man with critical injuries. this happened last night. officers responded to a request for a welfare check in the 1200 block of rhode island street about 10:00 p.m. they found a 36-year-old man unconscious and covered in blood. he was taken to the hospital. now to a story you will only see on 2. a san francisco police officer today received 20/20 eyesight with a new laser vision correction.
5:48 pm
john fouler is here and tell us us how it works and also the compelling reason this officer wanted to get it done. >> traditional laser eye surgery can mean lengthy recovery and lingering vision troubling. we saw a new technique on a very motivated patient. >> justin's eyesight is important to him, maybe life or death for you. the 29-year-old san francisco cop works nights and wears glasses. >> without them, my vision is impaired. >> on duty, he wears contacts, but they could fall out when he needs to draw his weapon to protect himself or others. >> that would deter me from using it. that's not good. >> at specific vision institute, he had prk with a new type of laser, known as wave light. >> doctors say what makes this technique such a big advance is the actual shape of the laser beam itself.
5:49 pm
something called a spot beam. >> the prescription is correct and importantly, the shape of the cornea is maintained. the incidents of adverse effects like glare is much reduced. the healing time is significantly faster. >> correcting both eyes took over five minutes. he told me it was painless. he'll wear dark glasses for the day. >> definitely did change my life in five minutes. it's unbelievable. i can't explain. >> now, he expects 20/20 vision and should be on the beat in five days. the cost, $3500 per eye, not covered by insurance, but he paid for this out of his own pocket. john fouler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> uc san francisco school of medicine received high praise by u.s. news and world report. the school ranked fourth
5:50 pm
worldwide. ucsf has the only school of medicine that ranks the independent five. results are published in the magazine's 2014 issue which appeared online today and on newsstands april 9. >> twinkies could be back on store shelves. that's a word from a firm. court documents say the company will buy hostess for $410 million. no other company made an offer. hostess wonder bread has been sold to another company. >> a lot of people saw temperatures in the 70s today. we want it to keep on. >> you know, highs today warmed up. we had 70s and mid 70s out there. warmer tomorrow. these were the recorded highs that gasia was peeking at. the temperatures were 74 in fairfield. 76 in antioch.
5:51 pm
the warmest spot was napa with 75. and then antioch 76 and morgan hill 75. so the fog along the coast is there, but i pointed out the slight offshore flow developing. that's an indication it will be warmer as we go into tomorrow. the high pressure intensifies. there will be patchy fog. i think it starts to clear out along the avenue and starts to clear out on the great highway. and you'll see some sunshine. tomorrow is the warmest day. these are the current numbers. 70 right now in san jose. 75 in livermore right now. forecast highs tomorrow, yellows are 70s, orange are 80s. lots of 70s. more than a few. orange spots are going to show up in concorde by santa rosa. you get the idea. lots of 70s. some 80s popping in and some 50s and 60s along the coast. this warming trend peeks tomorrow and then starts to trend down. when it goes down, it doesn't
5:52 pm
go way down, it drops into the mid 70s. here we are today in the mid 70s. tomorrow, 80 on the high end. maybe 82. on thursday, they trend back down and they stay there. temperatures hover in the mid 70s through thursday and friday and just going to be a nice, warm period. 82 out there towards fairfield. 80 in livermore tomorrow. 82 in morgan hill. a very warm day, it's all relative, but for winter, it's pretty warm when you start hitting 80s. the warmest of the week and temperatures trend down. the bay area weekend in view, we're just looking at no rain drops in this five-day. and just lots of warm day-time highs. i guess we embrace it and enjoy it. >> they are getting pounded back east, here we have spectacular weather. >> it's been a heck of a nice winter. >> sure has, thanks, bill. >> those of us who want to catch a glimpse will have their
5:53 pm
best chance tonight. we'll give you a live look outside. blue skies, bright sun, and recent nights, the view has been compromised by the low position of the sky. but tonight, the comet will be positioned higher. experts say it is barely above the horizon. it will help you find the comet which will appear 10 degrees to the west of the moon. still to come, the latest in queen elizabeth's recovery after being hospitalized, plus, a new bill stemming from a sexual assault involving an air force lieutenant. well, well, well.
5:54 pm
growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show
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then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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members of congress introduced a bill today that would keep high ranking military officers from overturning criminal convictions in military court. representative, jackie speier introduced that legislation today. >> strip the convening authority of the power to dismiss convictions or reduce punishment that should be left to the appellate process. >> the bill comes after the sexual assault case of james wilkerson. a military panel convicted, sentenced, and gave wilkerson a dishonorable discharge in november. but an air force general overturned that decision and reinstated the officer last month. that is actually perfectly legal under the uniform code of military justice, but congresswoman speier's bill, known as the military justice reform act would amend that and
5:57 pm
reduce the power given to military generals. the queen is cutting back. queen elizabeth ii is canceling some of her public appearances, including two events scheduled for tomorrow and thursday. she was hospitalized for a stomach illness. video of her leaving. she says she hopes to resume her program of official engagements next week. michelle obama, she'll grace the cover of vogue magazine this month. this is actually the second time she'll appear on front of that iconic magazine. she was back in the march issue of 2009. michelle obama isn't the first, first lady to be in vogue. this vogue issue will be out next week. coming up here in two minutes, his face has been on television, his name has been on the most wanted list for months, but he hasn't committed a crime. we'll tell you what he's doing
5:58 pm
about that now. >> and we're not at the point where it's plentiful, but we're getting there. we'll tell you how and why employers are hiring.
5:59 pm
his name was once on the

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